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I Could Never Figure Out How To Do Sankaku Until......
Once you finish watching the Sankaku Made Easy Series, produced by Dr. Rhadi Ferguson, you will know exactly how to setup, defend, apply and finish the triangle, every single time.

•    Rhadi Ferguson is a 2004 Olympian, 4-Time National Judo Champion and known as one of the most intellectual grapplers ever

•    Dr. Ferguson teaches in a way that is simple and easy for you to understand. He takes complex moves and concepts and makes them easy to digest

•    You will learn Dr. Ferguson’s secret weapon -- Deliberate practice. And he does it better than anyone, and he knows how to teach you something so that you can practice it and get it. 

•    As a man who wasn’t much of a triangle person, Rhadi prides himself in having studied it and having trained it under some of the best practitioners in the game. And he’s NEVER been triangled in competition….. EVER! And there's a reason why and you will understand why after watching the defense portion of this video series.

Let’s set the record straight.

Rhadi Ferguson is the only person on the planet to compete at the Olympics, Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling World Championships and the Brazilian Jiujitsu World Championships.

He’s also the only American Judo coach and Olympian to ever hold an international coaching assignment having served at the Head Coach for the Bahamas Judo Federation.  His ability to teach and coach is world renown.  Let’s put it this way…

Once you finish watching Dr. Ferguson’s “Sankaku Made Easy” course, you will know exactly what needs to be done to set up, defend and finish the triangle choke, every single time.

Who is Rhadi Ferguson?
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have heard of Rhadi Ferguson.
He is perhaps the brightest Judo coaches in the world and is a pioneer with his teaching and learning methods. He’s known for creating systems that help people get good in a short amount of time.  And he actually perfected his system on himself first.

Rhadi went from a total nobody in 1998 to making an Olympic Team in 2004.  And although Rhadi’s rise was fast, it didn’t happen overnight; nor is Rhadi a one-trick pony. In fact, Dr. Ferguson understands how people learn and how you can learn quickly too. Therefore his teaching style has been created and styled so that your learning is maximized. He is in the midst of building a legacy as a coach and a former athlete.
Known for grip fighting, his intellect, his armbars and his explosive double leg, Rhadi’s Sankaku series is far and away from his “A-Game.”
But… as a master educator Rhadi has coached many people to use sankaku successfully in the sport of judo.

Rhadi has spent a lot of time in the laboratory to make it look easy. He had to develop and sharpen his triangle choke before advancing his coaching career.

He’s trained Olympians, UFC Hall of Famers, grapplers and of course judo athletes.

And if you’ve ever rolled with Rhadi, well….. you know Rhadi is not an easy guy to submit. Well, try putting him into a triangle. It’s not easy at all. Why? Because he’s studied the defenses. The same defenses that he’s going to give to you. And not only will he provide you with the defense, he’ll also tell you who he learned them from.

The problem today is everyone knows, or thinks they know, sankaku. Everyone is aware of the basic sankaku when attacking the turtle in judo, but so many are still getting it wrong. Dr. Ferguson, in this video series, shares this little known and rarely used, but HIGHLY effective Sankaku technique when your opponent is lying flat.  Once you learn this, your ability to drive people mad in newaza will increase.  Nobody will like down on the ground flat against you ever again.

So, what is Rhadi doing so different that everybody else hasn't done yet?

As Rhadi has gotten older he's become a more proficient teacher and instructor and he really focuses on being uber efficient.  Rhadi understands that being efficient in a judo tournament is the difference between winning a tough match in the first round and then losing or winning a tough match and then going on to win the tournament.  You cannot and will not be the last person standing at the end of the day unless you learn how to perform your techniques efficiently and know what to do to make your application of Sankaku "easy."  This is why Dr. Ferguson calls this course,  "Sankaku Made Easy."

So what EXACTLY is in this video series?

- Triangle Defense From Inside Guard
- How To Defend The “Judo” Style Sankaku
- How To Defend The “Judo” Style Reverse Sankaku
- The Most Powerful Triangle Version From The Guard
- The Inverted Triangle (And How To Easily Learn It And Teach It)
- The Upside Down Triangle
- How To Drill The Upside Down Triangle
- The Upside Down Triangle When The Person Is Standing
- Judo Style Sankaku
- Judo Style Reverse Sankaku With Body Lock
- Triangle From Side Mount
- Triangle When Person Is Flat
- Judo Tips and Hacks To Get More Newaza Time

The beautiful thing about this series is that Rhadi is teaching it now, not when he was in his 20s or 30s.  So, you don’t need to have long legs, to be flexible, or to have herculean type strength to do these moves. You just need the knowledge in the series.

Rhadi will show you how to hit the triangle (sankaku jime) when the person is flat, when they are in the turtle, when you have the mount (tate shiho gatame), when the person is in your guard (dojime), when you are in the side mount (mune gatame) and when you are being pinned in side mount (yoko shiho gatame). He will basically cover Sankaku from everywhere in this series.  And he will show you how to do it..... and make it easy.

So What Does It All Cost?

Well what would you pay for some private lessons with Rhadi Ferguson? 

Assuming Dr. Ferguson has anytime, his seminar schedules are pretty much booked, you'd be looking at $350 per hour.

But this is your opportunity to learn from Rhadi, an Olympian and world class coach, for pennies on the dollar. 

It would be easy and a huge discount to charge you $97 for Sankaku Made Easy.

But you won't pay that...

Instead, your investment is nothing but a mere......


So you can get Rhadi's "Sankaku Made Easy" Series today for little to nothing.
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What People Are Saying:
Sankaku was so confusing to me until I watched Dr. Ferguson's videos. I was also one of those people who could never figure out which leg went where when attacking the turtle. It all looked so complicated.  But Dr. Ferguson made it, as he says, "easy."
- J. Foster, MS
After watching this, I laughed after catching my friend in practice with the inverted triangle when he was pinning me. He thought he had me and then all of a sudden, he didn't LOL!!  This series is great. Dr. Ferguson breaks things down so that anybody can understand them.
- Hector R., FL
I enjoyed the drilling parts of the video. I especially liked the upside down triangle portion. As a woman, I'm flexible and that was a great addition to my game.
- Patricia L., IL
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