"Who else wants a proven 'SYSTEM' that turns raw movements in solid moves and solid moves into A WINNING 'SYSTEM' in days and weeks instead of years?"

Why The Clock Choke System Seminar?

An Olympian, BJJ Black belt and world renowned educational specialist and coach created this course to help you learn a language... the language of submissions by way of the clock choke. Dr. Rhadi Ferguson spent 9 hours on the mat going over every nook, cranny, detail and secret that he has learned over the years to make his clock choke system WORK in real competitions. 
  • The Secrets of Quadrant Pressure Technique.... (if you only got this and this ONLY, your investment would be well spent)
  • How To Apply 3rd Point Pressure as it relates to the clock choke
  • Why they sometimes get out of your clock choke and how you can stop it.
  • ​The Secrets To The Traditional Okuri Eri Jime (hint: it's all in the back and not the wrists)
  • ​10 Different Variatons of the clock choke
  • Little known clock choke entries
  • ​The secret to setting up the clock choke
  • ​How to create so much pressure that they tap even if the choke is not fully applied
  • Drills for clock choke success
  • Guaranteed results
  • ​3 hours of video where the details are covered, discussed, illustrated and shown
  • ​Live Footage of one of the seminar attendees going to sleep (she didn't realize HOW FAST the choke works when you apply the secret Quadrant Pressure Technique)
  • ​3 of the most devastating armbars when attacking from the clock choke position which fit into Dr. Ferguson's Clock Choke System
  • ​How to flow from standup into the ground work and right into the clock choke system
  • How to drill so that you create the mental representation for necessary clock choke selection and know EXACTLY which version of the clock choke to perform
  • ​......and so much more

Here's What Others Have Said About
Dr. Rhadi Ferguson's Clock Choke System

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“He has a knack for breaking down something that very complicated to something that is easy and reproducible !”
Robert Wagner
Judo Parent
“You don't know the secrets and the setups and the system for the clock choke...... This is a system from A to Z.”
Sensei Jay Foster
Owner of Ocean Springs Martial Arts
“Dr. Ferguson teaches the clock choke so people can submit people in tournaments and get first place.”

Rufus Ferguson
Owner of Ocean Springs Martial Arts
“Dr. Ferguson WILL up your game..... GUARANTEED.”

Matthew Arellano
BJJ Blue Belt
“Dr. Ferguson is the best judo coach ever!”

JR Foster
National Judo Champion
“In 9 HOURS we focused on one technique! It was awesome!”

Priscilla Foster
National Judo Champion
"This is going to help me win more matches!!!"

Hannah Wagner
Multiple Time National Champion
Don't Take My Word For It
““In the sport of grappling, where wannabe’s, use-to-be’s. fakes, frauds, and pseudo-experts stick out like sore thumbs, it was refreshing to see a product constructed by someone who is providing people with something that is not only entertaining but also educational. Understanding what is going on inside the mind of an athlete is not only valuable, it is priceless. Rhadi breaks it down so that no detail is left out."

Hannah Wagner
Multiple Time National Champion
“There’s so much information, that it will take you at least a week to get through everything. Thanks Rhadi – from one champion to another, you really did an excellent job with this video series!”

Emyr “Shark” Bussade
BJJ World Champion
“Rhadi plays each match like it is a game of chess. His gripping, movement patterns and his ability to work on the ground are phenomenal. Rhadi never did a great deal of newaza on American soil, he always saved it for the international tournaments because he always
said that he didn’t want to show all of his cards, if he didn’t have too. Well, now he’s
showing everybody and you can see that he was holding a hand full of aces!”

Taraje Williams-Murray
2X Olympian
4X US National Champion
“What I admire most about Dr. Ferguson is his clinical approach. His ability to capitalize on an opponent's weakness is not a gift; it is a direct result of research, training, and refinement. Rhadi leaves no room for chance when he steps on the mat.”

Josh Peterson
US Judo National Champion
“As a former resident of the US Olympic Training Center. I competed with and trained with Rhadi for about 3 years. I have been ranked in the top 5 in the Nation at 100+, 100-, and 90k. The outcome between "Ferg" and I has always been the same, me flying through the air legs kicking, or getting tapped out from one of his lightning quick, submissions. He is the real deal”

Daniel Collins
Elite Level Judo Player
“Dr. Ferguson is very knowledgeable in theory and in practice and has a way of effectively using analogies to make complex concepts seem simple and direct. Rhadi is the real-deal and his achievements show that he is someone who knows what he’s talking about. It was encouraging to learn from someone who genuinely shares his knowledge and experience in order to help others reach their own personal and professional goals. .”

Jessica Oosting

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Frenquently Asked Questions


You pay $47 for a complete digital video series that was shot over the course of 9 hours and designed especially to increase your ability to execute the move under both the Brazlian Jiujtisu and Judo rulesets. The whole video series was whittled down to an informative 3 hours and 9 minutes. Now, I charge and get $250/hour for my private lessons so you can clearly see how, at the price of $47, this is just a drop in the bucket and no where close to price it should be.


If you're not satisfied for any reason in 30 days, you can request a full refund. No hassles. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


YES!! You should have a writing utensil and notebook available when you watch these videos. This seminar is literally like a PhD The Clock Choke. You don't need to do anything before downloading the course except that.


It costs NOTHING. But you are required to invest $47 for this complete digital course, designed to be utilized and referenced over the life of your martial arts journey. This price includes a 3 hours of life changing information for your judo and/or brazilian jiujitsu career.

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